Well, now I’m just pissed. I’m sitting at home, alone and sober. Got everything done that I wanted to get done today, including making a pumpkin loaf, from scratch (including roasting the pumpkin). And now, because I’m sick of the silence, I’d like to get wasted. It’s kind of been my go-to for dealing with […]

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low point

Struggling to break out of the cocoon I’ve made for myself Three years have built up these walls – my weakness Tempting Grandpa’s disease and the rest The smoke The bottle The Oblivion One who should be grown it is still so tiny and weak inside Caving and cracking Putting aside the old ways All […]

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So, a few more days have passed…… sober…….. and I am sick. Home-in-bed-sick, where all you do is sleep, glaze over on the couch for a while, then sleep again. The fogginess of my brain these last few days has me pondering the classic chicken-egg question. Do I feel bad because I do unhealthy things […]

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